What Is Your Returns & Exchanges Policy? 

Because it’s just me minding the store for now, with the exception of dog tees and all plus-sized garments, which are exchangeable since it's so hard to navigate the chaos of that sizing, all sales are final. But I’ll happily boost your post on social media if you don’t love your dye and are looking to trade or re-sell it. And if you're truly unhappy, just drop me an email and we'll work something out. No broken hearts over schmattas!

Did you create Difficult People? 


Do you host a podcast?  

I co-host Double Threat with my friend Tom Scharpling and I host Ask Julie on the Forever Dog Plus network. 

What's ice dye? 

It's a way to tie-dye clothing without using liquid dye or any heat. I apply powdered dye and soda ash to clothing after I fold and tie it, then bring the Ice Capades into the picture! 24 hours later, I do a wash-out and add any bells and whistles the garment may be whispering to me for (color discharge, spray dye, another colored ice bath, beads and bows). Every piece has its own process and journey and I don't stop until it's perfect! 

Do you like The Grateful Dead? 

Nope, but I'm not going to be a dick about it! 

Where are the T-Shirts? 

With the exception of branded T-Shirts (merch) or specific collaborations, I feel like I should leave plain tie-dyed tees to the experts. I'll give ya a "V" though! 

How do you figure out your pricing? 

I take my time into consideration and remember that it's less about the blank (tho' my blanks are like Jerri- THE BEST!) and more about each piece being its own lovingly hand-crafted, unique work of art. I'll continue doing discounted drops on my Instagram and offering discounts to podcast listeners and fans! And if you have your heart set on something but can't afford it, please don't be shy about reaching out. Colorful clothing can lift moods, so I don't see why I can't make like a head shrinker and negotiate a sliding scale. 

How do you decide what to make? 

Intuition and "inclusive empathy." I don't sell it unless I'd wear it or if I feel there's a need out there for something like it. I try to upcycle with transparency and I include diverse sizes whenever possible, even though vintage, when it comes to sizing, can put the "fascism" in "fashion." Nothing falls apart in the wash and everything should make you feel beautiful and comfortable. I don't sell anything I wouldn't wear on my body or keep in my closet. 

Do you take commissions? 

Yes! Email me! I'll say as a rule of thumb that kids' stuff, printed tees and leggings are generally tough. But who knows? Not me! (West Side Story)

What are you gonna do next? Do you take suggestions? 

Tanks, I think! I always listen to suggestions but the only thing I always take...are my Flintstone vitamins! 

How do I take care of my dyed creation? 

These are all made with fabric that's mostly cotton or rayon, so keep that in mind when considering the heat of a dryer (cotton can shrink, rayon can pill). That said, you should feel free to treat these the way you would any piece of clothing like it, knowing dyes may fade a bit with washing over time....but they're permanent! In general, a cold water gentle cycle with Woolite followed by hanging something dry will never be bad for your favorite piece of clothing. But don't worry too much either! Enjoy these duds, baby! 

How is your cat, Jimmy Jazz?  

Great! He's sleeping next to me right now!